Jon’s Valentines 2019 Hunters Chicken Recipe!

* Preheat your oven to Gas Mark 6.

* Melt a knob of Butter in a shallow frying pan.

* Add fresh diced Red Chilli and crushed and diced Garlic.

* Pop in a little powdered Corriander and Ginger.

* Add a some fresh Lemon Zest.

* Finely chop some Chives and add to the pan.

* Now melt some Demerera Sugar in the pan and add some Lemon Juice.

* When hot, golden sear 2 fresh Chicken Breasts in the pan.

* Wrap each Chicken Breast into a  single rasher of Smoked Bacon.

* Add a thin slice of  Red Leicester Cheese  to the top of each chicken parcel.

* Pour on the remaining sauce from the frying pan, then placed into the oven until the chicken is cooked correctly until the juice runs clear.

* Serve up with some thick cut British chips deep fried in Light Olive Oil with some lightly buttered Petit Pois. 

* Don’t forget to add some ground Sea Salt and Fresh Pepper to the Chips, and serve with a decent bottle of Fine French Vin Rouge!

Happy Valentines 2019!