Starting the day out in Chelmsford, Essex!

Breakfast in Chelmsford

Part of my regular routine when flying abroad any time be it to International World Water Week in Stockholm in Sweden, San Javier Airport in Murcia, or any other European climes has always been the 7:30 pre-amble to Chelmsford to catch breakfast and then jump on the First Buses X30 to London Stansted Airport.

One of the first places to open for breakfast in Chelmsford other than McDonalds is The Saracens Head Hotel at the top end of the High Street adjacent to HSBC and to the north east of The Shire Hall.

Opening at around 8:30 the 16th Century Hotel at number 3 High Street serves a selection of cooked breakfast options and hot and cold drinks. The staff are friendly and despite my many years of stopping in for a Saracens Full English I have no major complaints only that I’m normally naturally anxious about getting airside in time for my departure!

If your leaving a little later then to the South of the High Street towards Parkway and Moulsham Street there’s a Cafe Rouge which opens promptly at 9:30 serving a more European inspired breakfast menu including Egg’s Benedict with Salmon which I sometimes treat myself to on Wednesdays fortnightly pay day. Neatly this is situated adjacent to King’s Coffee House next to one of Chelmsford’s independent family jeweller’s Love Days.

Along with Cafe’ Nero they serve one of the strongest Coffee’s in Chelmsford City Centre, and I think Starbucks probably comes in just behind this for the very good, consistent and standardised Espresso Crema’ from their machines and operating practices. You can’t beat them for that! As a Coffee Republic trained Barista and as past owner of several Gaggia machines myself and household experimenter with House Coffee’s from Nero, Starbucks and Costa, I can quite well tell the difference. I am fairly proficient in these things. I’m jut saving up for my next with a brand Gaggia Carezza Deluxe! Not only is hand made espresso coffee the original and best, it’s also less wasteful without the pods, plus you can source your coffee’s individually including Fairtrade and Local.